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Shine Your Magnificent Soul

Have you ever had the thoughts like

‘I can’t make this happen

Unless I have this or that person

Unless I have this or that thing

To support me?’

How much of your life, and

How many lifetimes have you spent

Waiting on someone or something

To happen as though you needed

Their permission and approval

In order to prove you were good enough

In order to prove you were not wrong and

Doing the right thing by them

In order to trust you and move ahead?

How much of it was a lie

Taught by your authority figures

And bought it as your own

When it actually wasn’t?

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

And return it all to them please?

You know deep in your heart and soul

Magic and miracles exist

Infinite possibilties are your reality

Talents and gifts are your birthright

Expressing your soul is your purpose

You are capable of making

Whatever your soul desires happen

That is why you are right here

Right where you are right now

Did you wait on those who you thought

You needed their approval and permission

To get to where you are?


What if when you thought you didn’t

Have this or that person to support you,

It is because you are way more capable

Of supporting you with

Your heart, your soul

And your God as your Source?

What if you didn’t have this certain thing

You thought you had to have,

It is because you are way more capable

Of creating something way greater

Than your expectation and imagination?

If you ever doubt yourself

At any moment about what you do,

And think you need people’s approval,

My questions would be:

Do you love what you do?

Does it make you feel joyful?

Does it make you feel happy?

Does it make you smile?

Does it lift you up?

Does it expand your soul?

If it’s a YES,

Keep doing it,

My beautiful souls,

Because it is all that matters

Above all else

Your happiness

Your joy

Your God’s sunlight

Your choice of YOU



It is your approval right there

Before anybody else’s approval

It is shining your light right there

No matter what

It is your infinite capabilities of creation

Right there

Without the need to wait on

Anybody else or anything else

To come along

Your joy from doing what you love,

Regardless of anybody else’s approval

Regardless of any doubts

Regardless of any challenges

Regardless of how many steps it takes,

Will get you to move mountains

Your joy from what doing what you love

Will keep you creating your masterpieces

That fulfill and nurture your soul

Your joy from doing what you love

Will continue to expand your greatness

Unlocking and breaking you free

From all the lies and limitations

That hold you back

Your joy from doing what you love

Regardless of what circumstances are

Regardless or who is or not with you

Is your declaration and reclamation

Of approval and permission of you

Of your extraordinary genius within

Of your miraculous capabilities

Of your unshakeable trust in you

Of your total kindness to you

Of your total caring for you

Of receiving everything God gifts you

Of your best partner and companion

Of your eternal loving Home

Whole and complete

Bright and brilliant

Called God’s magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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