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Soar Your Wings

How much of your life have you spent

Having fear and worries of

What others think about you,

And their judgments of you

As good or bad

As right or wrong?

How much of your life have you had

Others delivering tons of judgments of you

As though you are wrong to do this

You are bad to do that

You don't meet their expectations

And points of view of you

While telling you they want good things for you?

How much of your life have been taught

That you can't survive, you can't make it,

You can't succeed without their approval,

Acceptance and support

As though you are incapable

And not good enough without them?

How does it feel for you?

Lighter or heavier as hell?

Whatever is true for you always feels lighter

Whatever is a lie for you always feels heavier

Lightness is YOU

Joy is YOU

Happiness is YOU

Peace is YOU

Infinife expansion is YOU

Infinite empowerment is YOU

Total freedom to choose and to be is YOU

Eternity is YOU

So is the 'I want good things

For you' while judging you as hell

With guilt, shame and wrongness of you

True lovingness, caring for,

Empowerment and expansion to you

Or is it actually manipulation, control

Disempowerment and contraction to you,

Non-acceptance of you

As who you are, what you are

And where you are

In order to get you to do what they want you

To do according to their belief system

And points of view?

How much of all this lie and the lie that

You can't make it without them

Belongs to them that you perceived,

Thought it's you, bought it as yours,

Made you wrong as hell,

Second-guessed you, distrusted you,

Disowned you and rejected you

Thinking it'd give you

Their love, support and approval?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is, would you like

To uncreate, destroy and return

All this pile of crap to senders please?

And everywhere you have given your

Power away, your trust in you,

Your love and caring for you

With your own choices

That are true and right for you

While believing their lies as

Real, true and yours

Believing that this is

What love and caring is when it actually isn't

Everything that is, would you like

To uncreate, delete, destroy it all please?

Would you like to acknowledge and receive that

You are absolutely capable and

More than good enough

To choose, create, have and be whatever

You would like to choose for you

That brings you empowerment,

Expansion, lightness and joy

Without having to follow or

Fit in with anybody else's system,

Beliefs, opinions of you, but

Your own truth and total freedom

To be YOU?

You are that worthy to be YOU

You are that worthy to be empowered

You are that worthy to be free

And it starts with you first

Walk away from anyone who disempowers you

Walk away from anyone who tries to

Control and guilt-trip you

Walk away from anyone who treats you,

In a way, spoken or unspoken,

That makes you feel unworthy,

Doubt you and your choices

None of their money and rewards,

Emotional and material,

Is worth your giving up on your soul,

Total being and total freedom to be

Face your own fears and self-doubt head-on

If and when it arises

Your being, your God within

Is way greater than any fear or doubt

Ride it, move through and beyond it

Each time it comes up

As it is no match for you

Would you be willing to stand alone

If and as needed

In order to choose to trust you?

This is your power right here

Your power to choose to trust you

Your power to choose to love you

Your power to choose to care for you

Your power to choose to be kind to you

Your power to choose to be free

And true to you

Regardess of people's opinions of you

Take back your voice

Take back your truth

Take back your being

Take back your power

Take back your freedom

Stand your ground

Speak your truth

Stand up for you

Follow your path

Follow your heart

Follow your light

Shine your light

Roar your voice

Soar your wings


Rise, rise and rise

Regardless of anybody else

Understanding you or not

Judging you or not

Approving of you or not

Supporting you or not

Labelling you as this or that or not

They ain't your authority

They ain't your judge

They ain't your juror

They ain't your God

Nobody's opinions and points of view

Can control you without your permission

You are your own authority

You are your own God

The more you are willing to say NO to

All those who disempower you

All those who try to control you

Under the lie of loving and caring,

The more you are willing to function

Beyond the norm without the need

To fit in or belong,

The more you are willing to say YES

To you and your truth that expands you,

The more you trust you unshakably

The more others' opinions, judgments of you

Have no weight, control or power over you


You are the creative leader of your own path

You are the phenomenal creator of your own life

You are the brilliant painter

Of your own masterpieces

You are the magnificent co-creator

Orchestrating this beautiful dance with God

You are the infinite possibilities

You are the infinite symphony

Of God, with God,

From God and as God

For all eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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