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Thank You For Being Here

What if each day is such a blessed day?

What if each day is such a special day

Filled with life meaning and purpose?

What if each day is such a gift

Filled with your gratitude and appreciation

For this life


For being here

For your presence

For your being

For your existence

On this planet Earth

For getting to have this gift of life

For getting to fight for you

For getting to keep learning for you

For getting to keep growing for you

For getting to keep going for you

For getting to keep getting to know you

For getting to keep trusting you

For getting to be Home with you

To be kind and gentle to you

To be loving and caring to you

With each and every thought you have

With each and every choice you make

For your heart and soul

Whole and complete

To be the infinite joy and happiness

To be the infinite knowing and wisdom

To be the infinite victory and glory

To be the infinite magic and miracle

To be the infinite bliss and ectasy

To be the infinite strength and power

To be the infinite greatness and brilliance

To be God’s infinite bright star

To be God’s infinite golden voice

You are born to be

Because you are such a beautiful

And precious gift and blessing

That you are born to be


For humanity

For this entire planet

And for God

Thank you so much for being here

You got this . One step at a time.

- Phuong

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