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The Beat In Your Soul

We all have our dreams

Whether we are aware

Of them or not

What are your dreams?

What do you love doing

That sings to your soul

Like a magical song

Of the entire Universe

Whispering to your ears

Vibrating through

Every cell of your body

Every fibre of your being

That brings you joy

That lightens you up

That brings you unlimited energy

That expands your soul

That gets you to feel so high

To the infinite sky

That no money can buy?

Dream big

Fly high

My beautiful souls

No matter what others say

No matter what happens around you

You are here to live your dreams

You are here to fulfill your dreams

What if you are God’s leader

What if you are God’s messenger

What if you are God’s warrior

Holding the torch

Igniting everyone else’s dreams alive

Reclaiming their souls

Truly living their lives

By living your dreams

Spreading your enormous wings

Dancing to the beat

In your soul?

It is your birthright

To reclaim and own them all

On this planet Earth

Because YOU are your dreams

And your dreams are YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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