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The Beauty of Our Differences

We all have different bodies

In different sizes and shapes

We all have different life stories

With different versions

We all have different life experiences

With different challenges

We all have different paths

With different soul and life purposes

We all have different possibilities

With different choices

We all have different talents and gifts

As unique souls

That is the beauty and power

Of our differences

As the expression

Of the entire Universe

We are all different facets

Of a bright diamond

At its core

We are all the same light

That same light is God within

Each one of us

Sparkling and shining

For all eternity

No matter where you are

In your journey,

You are on your way

Igniting your God’s light alive

Through your magical soul’s expression

With your infinite creativity

With your magnificent masterpieces

That only you can create

With your total power and freedom

To choose YOU for YOU

You got this. One step at a time

- Phuong

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