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The Conductor Of Your Magic Wand

Have you had the experiences

Where you desired to

Lift someone up so much

When you perceived

Their pain and suffering

When you totally got

Where they came from

With every fibre of your being

From your heart and soul to theirs

And you just appreciated it so much

That they felt safe enough to

Open their heart and soul to you

And all that mattered to you is

To empower them to see for themselves

How magnifcent they are

How beautiful they are

How loving and caring they are

How wise they are

How strong and courageous they are

How powerful and potent they are

How whole and complete they are

How sacred they are

That nothing else mattered

That no amount of money could buy

That time and space didn’t exist

That there was no label of

A teacher or a student

A healer or patient

A helper or helpee

This person or that person

With this or that name

From this or that religion

From this race or that race

From this or that place

That there were only you and them

There was only this sacred presence

Of seeing and being each other’s soul

Of seeing and being each other’s light

As oneness

Without any labels at all?

Have you noticed

With your pure intention

With your pure heart

With your pure soul

You allowed you and them to be?

What if it is not so much about

What tools or techniques

You use to empower you and others

But it is about YOU, your being

And your art of using them and more

That sing to each other’s heart and soul?

Everywhere you made

Whatever tools or techniques

Whatever titles or labels

However much you could or couldn’t do

For you and others

Greater than YOU,

Everything that is,

Would you be willing to

Uncreate, delete, destroy it all?

How many times

Did you have the thoughts,

Conscious or subconscious, that

If you get here or there

If you can do this or that

If you can reach a certain goal

If you can have this or that

If you can have this amount of money

Then you’ll feel good enough

Succesful or accomplished enough

Wealthy or rich enough

Healthy or whole enough

Seen or visible enough

Happy or blissful enough

Peaceful or at ease enough

And judge you for not getting there?

Does it feel solid and heavy for you?

Everywhere you judged you

And made you wrong

As not doing or being good enough

As not doing or being enough

As doing something wrong

As a failure or disappointment

From your decision that

You gotta do, have or get something

In a certain way

That kept you dismissing,

Rejecting and denying

All the greatness and beauty

All the magic and miracles

All the unmeasurable kindness and caring

All the capabilities and capacities

All the strength and potency

All the wisdom and knowing

All the precious and rare gift

That you are

To you, others and their world,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy it all

Acknowledge and reclaim

Your spark and impact

Your light and magic please?

That much of lovingness and caring

That much of kindness and compassion

That much of brilliance and brightness

Beyond measure

That you are capable of and be

For others is that much

You are capable of and be


So everywhere you went against you

Beating you up dynamically

As the only way you knew how

To be kind and loving to you

Which wasn’t

When was the first time

Did you decide that

Everybody else in this world

Deserves all the best

And you don’t

Thinking and believing

That is how to be good and kind?

How much of that

Were you taught from

Your loved ones and authority figures

And bought that lie as your own

When it wasn’t?

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy it all

And return all that crock of crap

To them and reclaim your

Innate kindness and compassion

For you please?

What if there is no destination to get to

What if there is nowhere to get to

What if there is only your life journey

Of every choice you make

Of every life experience you choose

Of whatever you do or don’t do

Of whatever you think as

Achieving or not achieving

For your practice and embodiment

Of non-judgment of you

Of remembering and embodying your soul

Of gaining and growing for you

The total truth of your being

Your infinite awareness and knowing

Your God’s Source that you are

Of this very moment

Right here and right now

To be willing to choose to be

Kind, loving and caring to you

No matter what?

What if that is YOU

As God’s conductor

Of your magic wand?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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