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The energies of lightness and expansion

Do you have expectations that things should happen in a certain way according to what you think it should happen?

When things don’t happen a certain way, you might feel disappointed, frustrated or hopeless?

Does that sound familiar? Does that make you feel heavy and contracted? If it does, it’s not true for you. No matter what looks on the outside, what if what doesn’t happen according to your expectations is actually what is perfectly supposed to happen for your highest good and highest purpose? Be aware of expectations without judgment Choose to let them go Choose to trust the process Choose to trust in the unknown Keep going Keep exploring your path In the unknown And choose to invite the energies of expansion into your world This is beyond the thinking mind in our head telling ourselves all the possitive affirmations With our thinking mind, we can only go so far Working with what we think we know, which is limiting and controlling to be safe With pure energy, we can go way beyond our imgination, calculation, computation and expectations As we work with infinite possibilities Of the unknown What if you just tap into the energies of expansion and lightness Of what it feels like Without the need to figure things out Or the need to know the details of What things are supposed to look like? That is working with pure energy Your pure awareness Your inner knowing Your Universal energy within Then things will unfold beyond your imagination Tap into the energies of expansion as your being Invite them into your universe What would that be right now for you that you are ready and willing to receive? That brings you lightness and expansion? Nature? Inspiration? Joy? Ease? Kindness to you? Trust in you? Trust the process? Trust life? Trust God within? And many more? Feel those expansive energies in your body and being What do they feel like? As Louise Hay said: “Everything is working for your highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. All is well’ Does that make you feel light and expansive? If it does, it is true for you. It is not just a statement of truth. It is the energy of it. The energy of trust. Tap into the energy of it Have a sense of it Feel it energetically It’s beyond the words at the mental level Things are working out for you no matter what is happening outside of you Everything will make sense to you when you are ready to receive it Let go Trust the process Trust the Universe Trust life Trust YOU You got this. One step at a time

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