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The Fullness of Your Being

When things don’t go your way

As you expect them to be,

Fear might come up

Anger might come up

Disappointment and

Other uncomfortable feelings

Might come up

There is nothing wrong

With expectations

There is nothing wrong

With your feelings and thoughts

Allow yourself to have them all

They are all valid

No matter what they are

What matters is your willingness

To be aware of them

And choose differently

When they no longer work for you

If you would like to

What if they are the very opportunities

To sit with them

To feel through them

To have your total clarity

To find your total truth

Underneath them all

To get to know and experience

The truth of who you are?

What if you could ask yourself

From your heart and soul

Some of these questions

Where did I create this?

Where do I feel this in my body?

When did this feeling or belief first start?

What is the benefit of having it for me?

What does it give me if any?

What am I learning from this?

What am I gaining from this?

What is my highest truth

That is spacious and gracious

That is light and expansive for me

And everyone involved?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe for you to go there

To see the real YOU?

That is never abandoning you

That is being present with you

That is emotionally available for you

That is kind, loving and caring to you

That is trusting you

That is building your relationship with YOU

That is reclaiming the fullness of your being

Right there

Once you ask yourself

Some of those questions

Let them go

Allow your awareness

To those questions to come

At its own timing

It can show up right when you ask

It can show up a few days later

It can show up a few weeks later

There is no fixed timeframe for it

All it takes is your allowance

That gets the pressure off of you

That you have to find the answers

To whatever questions you ask

The purpose of asking questions

Is not to look for answers

From the thinking mind

It is to bring up your awareness

From your infinite being that you be

How many of us were taught

To look for answers from

Our logical, thinking mind

The more we tried to look for them,

The more we got stuck

And couldn’t seem to find them?

What if it no longer works for you?

Our thinking mind can only go so far

With all the calculations and judgments

What is good, what is bad

What is right, what is wrong

What is benecial, what is not

It goes at a speed of a slug

With your infinite awareness

You can go and be anywhere

And be aware of everything

In the entire universe

And all universes

In a split second

Faster than the speed of light

That is the difference betweeen

Thinking and infinite awareness

Would you be willing

To acknowledge that

You are capable of

Doing and being that

For you way more than

You realize because

You are God’s infinite awareness

And God’s infinite awareness is YOU?

It is a practice

It is a journey

Of mastering that superpower

That you are created to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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