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The Gift of Including You

How many of you

Were taught to

Think everything for others

Think nothing for you

Know so intuitively

Their wants and needs

Make all the choices

Based on their desires and requires

None of which included YOU

So much so that

You didn’t know

What you wanted for you?

How much of your life

Were you trained

To live others’ lives

Instead of your own?

How many times

In your life

Were you asked

How you felt

What you thought

What you wanted

What you needed?

You are given a life

As much as anybody else

You breathe the same air

As much as anybody else

You are as important as anybody else

You matter as much as anybody else

You are standing

On this planet Earth

As much as anybody else

Your wants matter

Your needs matter

Your desires matter

Your requires matter

Your feelings matter

Your thoughts matter

Your opinions matter

Your voice matters

Your life matters

Disrupt and destroy

All the old teachings

All the old programings

That annihilate your being

Replace them with

New and empowering teachings

The highest truth

Directly from Source

Directly from God within

Your soul does know

Your soul does remember

Your soul does recognize God

And everything that God

Desires for you

As you are God, and

God is you

All it takes is your willingness

To connect with God

From your heart and soul

Allow God to teach you

Allow God to heal you

Allow God to inspire you

Allow God to empower you

Allow God to expand you

Allow God to show you

What it feels like

Through every cell of your body

How much you are loved

How much you are wanted

How much you are supported

How much of a powerful leader

Of your own path

That you are

Every step of the way

Even when it doesn’t look like it

Allow you to commune with God

As a daily practice

No matter what

That is commitment to YOU

Take your life back

Take your freedom back

Take your power back

Take your rights back

Take your place back

Take your genius back

Take your super-creativity back

Take all the pieces

Of your heart and soul back

Take your space back

Expand your space

Mark your space

In every molecule

Of the entire Universe

Reclaiming your total being

Declaring your total existence

You are here

You belong here

Anywhere and everywhere

Whole and complete

Include you

In every choice you make

With the very question

As part of your daily life

‘What do I want?’

Keep putting you first

Keep choosing you first

Keep trusting you first

The more you gift that to you,

The more you will remember

What your heart and soul desire

Your soul calling

Care for you

Think for you

Choose for you

Live for you

You are the phenomenal writer

Of your inspirational life story

You are the potent liberator

Of your magnificent soul

For your total freedom

Of your entire being

The miraculous gift

From God to humanity

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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