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The Gift of Nature

Just imagine: what would you and your body feel like if you walked in a forest filled with green trees with the breeze rustling the leaves, exotic, magnificent flowers, birds singing, the babbling of crooks from afar...? Would you immediately feel relieved, relaxed and like you could just let go of and unwind all the stress, worries, anxiety, problems right there and then?

Have you ever felt so much supported and loved with the embrace of a tree that it fills your heart and makes you just want to cry for feeling such an overwhelmingly unconditional love and support from a tree? I have...

Do you feel peaceful, at ease and that there is so much hope each time you look up at the sky and see the stars and the moon? It’s because nature has no judgments. It has no competition, jealousy, comparison, worries, or things like that. No matter what humans have done to destroy nature intentionally or unintentionally, the moon, the sun, stars, nature are still there contributing to the expansion of our lives and living no matter what. They don’t say: “you humans are bad, no more sunlight or moonlight, nature for you guys, we are gone, adios, chao, bye bye.” It’s still there, just be, the state of being. That is exactly who we truly are as well, that state of being. Just imagine: what would you and your body feel like if you had no more judgments of you and your body just like trees, plants, grass, the moon, the sun, stars and nature in general? If you feel worried, stressed, anxious, sad and more, just give it a try to be in nature or even just by a tree or grass and be present with them, allow them to be that amazing gift to you and your body. Wouldn’t that be such an amazing gift that nature and we gift to ourselves? Wouldn’t we just keep expanding, growing and being the truth of who we are and nothing, nobody including ourselves can stop us? Nature helps us remember who we are. Just imagine what would that be like with the whole world, the whole planet and Mother Earth if each one of us could receive that amazing gift from nature, contribute more to it by being in communion with it and being the truth of who we are as God created us to be? One step at a time. You got this.

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