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The Gift of The Dark Side

As long as we are human

We all have a dark side

It is not all light and rainbows

That dark side is the limitations



Limiting beliefs

Disempowering beliefs

Low-vibe thoughts, feelings and emotions

Whatever you would like to call it

That you believe to be true about you

That hold you back

From the total truth of who you are

From all the abundance

Of joy and happiness

Of peace and ease

Of magic and miracles

Of the vastness of the whole Universe

That you truly be

That dark side is not bad or wrong

It is what makes us human

It is an asset

It is an ally

It is the very key

To unlock your total freedom

To be all of YOU

It is the very light

To awaken and ignite

Your eternal brilliant light

Is it pretty? No

Is it easy? No

Is it painful? Yes

Is it rewarding

If you wish to

To look at it?

Hell yes!

It is the very gift

To empower you to change

To set you free from all limitations

From any and all challenges

That only YOU can choose for you

To embody the truth of who you are

Your very own soul

Your genius within

Your true legendary

Through human experiences

With your human body

Nothing can stop you

Including your own darkness

That’s how powerful and potent you are

It doesn’t matter

However long it takes

Whatever it takes

As long as you have

The burning desire to change

The willingness to change

Therefore the willingness

To look at your dark side

Acknowledging it

Embracing it

Appreciating it

For being the light

To uncover your God within’s truth

That you are born to be,

Then it is done, sealed and delivered

You will find any and all tools

That are available

You will never stop

You will keep going

Until you find what works for you

That is how strong and courageous you are

That is how resilient you are

That is how wise you are

With your deep inner knowing

Guiding the way

Listen to you

Trust you

Even when you doubt

That is your spirit of a warrior

To look at your dark side

To transmute and transform it

Into your gigantic enormous phoenix

Spreading your infinite miraculous wings

Shining your light unapologetically

Soaring your resounding voice of God within

To the Universe

Unleashing your gifts and talents

Your power and potency

Your greatness within

Your total being

Your total existence

On this planet Earth

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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