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The Gift of Your Heart

That is the beauty of your heart

That is the power of your heart

That is the light of your heart

That is the miracle of your heart

That is the magic of your heart

That is where your deepest compassion

For you and others comes from

It is your gigantic heart

That brings healing and kindness

Inspiration and empowerment

To all those who need your light

Wherever you go

You are such an amazing gift

To the world and Universe

With your pure heart

Of a warrior of love and light

Of strength and courage

Of softness and gentleness

No matter how much

You have gone through

It is that very pain

That you went through

And felt in your heart

That drives you

That gives you the burning desire

To lift you and others up

No matter what

It is your very heart

That feels pain

That heals it all

Only your heart can do that

Only your heart can be that

You are the living proof that

Your heart is your very force

It is your very light

It is your very drive

It is your very fire

It is your very desire

To set you and others free

To be the truth of who we are

To shine our light

That makes the world

A better place

Your gigantic pure heart

Is the blossom of life and living

You got this. One step at a time.

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