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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Have you ever been told

To stop thinking bad

To only think positive

About someone especially

When it comes to authority figures

In order to be nice

In order to be a good person?

How much of that makes you feel wrong

For expressing yourself at all?

How much of that is actually your awareness

Of what is really going on?

How much of that is actually your willingness

To go there

To see it all

The good, the bad and the ugly

With your total awareness?

How much of it is your strong intuition

Watching out for you?

How much of it is actually your super-power

To be aware

Of everything and everyone around you

As the soul you are created to be?

What if you could be willing to

Embrace your total awareness

Own your God-given gift

Without judgments of you

Without guilt or shame

Without conforming to the mass

Suppressing your gift

Making you wrong

In order to fit in?

It is not being a bad person

For thinking ‘negative’

It is your willingness

To be the greatness of you

It is your willingness

To be the potency of you

You have never been and never will be

A bad person


Each time you are willing to see the total truth

The good, the bad and the ugly

Without judgments of you,

You will no longer tolerate

Anyone disempowering you in any way

That is trusting you

That is honoring you

That is loving you

That is supporting you

That is getting your own back

That is taking care of you

That is never abandoning you

You will keep going higher and higher

For who and what works for you

For who and what is right for you

For who and what is a contribution to you

For your infinite lightness and expansion

As Tyler Perry, a media mogul, said

‘Higher is waiting’

Higher is waiting for you,

That higher is YOU

All of YOU

Miracles are coming your way

Magic is coming your way

Abundance is coming your way

Keep trusting you

Keep believing in you

Keep going higher

For your greatness and magnificence

You are God’s warrior

You are God’s champion

You are God’s blessing

You are God’s gift

With your total awareness

With your total being

To this life

To this world

To humanity

With your name on it

Filled with twinkling

Sparkling infinite stars and galaxies

Of the entire Universe

Within you

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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