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The Inner Depth of Your Soul

If pain is what you

Have gone through

Your entire life

In all forms

If pain is all you know

That you lock up

In your body as dis-eases

If pain is so deep for you

That is beyond words

You are not alone

God and your soul hear you

God and your soul see you

God and your soul honor you

God and your soul hold space for you

Whether you recognize it or not

What if your depth of pain

Is your depth of compassion and kindness

That you are capable of for you and others

From your own heart and soul

Beyond words?

What if your depth of pain beyond words

Is your depth of inner wisdom that

Only your life experiences can gift you,

That makes you so magnificent and unique

Different from everybody else?

What if you could turn

All that depth of pain

Into gold?

What if you could turn

All that depth of pain

Into diamond?

What if you could turn

All that depth of pain

Into a priceless gift

Unwrapping your genius within

As a true legendary

With a gigantic, enormous heart of a warrior

With a soft, tender heart of an angel

Walking on planet Earth

Lifting you and everyone else up

Into infinite lightness and expansion

That we all truly be?

By feeling all that deepest pain

That only you, your soul and God know

Allowing it to flow through you,

There is no shortcut

There is no skipping the pain

Then you’ll see

Underneath it is

Your brilliant mega-starlight

Knowing that there is no need

For pain any longer

In order to be your greatness within

It is settled and done

Closed and finished

What’s next?

It’s your brilliance

It’s your stardom

It’s your total power and potency

It’s your total freedom

With every choice you make

Reclaiming and being all of YOU

Knowing that

You are worthy and deserving

Of it all without pain

And with joy and glory

Peace and ease

Magic and miracles

Abundance of infinite possibilities

Whatever you desire

That brings you

Infinite lightness and expansion

Infinite and total awareness

Infinite creativity of a genius

That you truly be

That is the truth of who you are

You got this. One step at a time

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