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The Magnificent Leader called YOU

How much of your life

Have you been taught and told

You should do this

You should do that

This is the way

You can do this

You can't do that

Giving you advice, teaching,

Lecturing or what not

As though they know more than you

As though they know what is best for you

As though they are your authorities and God

As though you know nothing

As though you don't know what is true for you?

They say it is love and caring

And want what is good for you

Is it true?

Do they ask you what you think?

Do they ask you how you feel?

Do they ask you what you want?

Do they ask you what you need?

Or do they tell you what they think

You want and need

According to their points of view,

And so telling you what they actually

Want you to do or not to do?

Do they ask you what is true or not true for you?

Do they ask you what is light or heavy for you?

Do they ask you what you truly know

From your pure heart and soul

From your total being

For you to see it for yourself

How absolutely brilliant, amazing

Powerful, capable and wise

You are, or do they just tell you

Wwhat they know?

Is it true caring or

Is it taking control and power over you?

So everywhere you bought

It was love and caring when it wasn't

From them as real, true and yours

When it was not,

Repeating the same pattern

In every relationship and area of your life

Everything that is, would you like to

Return it all to senders please?

As the result of it,

How much of your life have you spent

Thinking and believing

You know nothing

You know less than

Doubting you

Making you wrong

Making everybody else and their opinions

Your God, Source and authorities

As though they are greater than you

As though they know the answers for you

While you don't?

Does it feel heavier or lighter for you?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie,

Most of the time it is the lies we buy

From everybody else and make them ours

When it isn't,

Lightness is YOU

Expansiveness is YOU

Infinite space is YOU

Joy is YOU

Total freedom is YOU

Nothing less than that, EVER

So everywhere you have done that

Giving your power away to others

Making them and their opinions

Greater than you,

Everything that is, would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy it all please?

You are your own authority

You are your own teacher

You are your own leader

You are your own God

Because YOU are God, and God is YOU

You ain't a follower

Nobody is greater than you, EVER

You are the only one who knows

What is best, true and light for you

Nobody else

This is your total power

This is your total freedom to be

This is your total trust in you

Regardless of what everybody else says or does

Without having to follow anybody at all

Other than YOU

Would you like to acknowledge and receive

That you are actually capable

Way more than you think you are

That you actually know

Way more than you think you know

That you actually are wise

Way more than you think you are

That you actually are absolutely

Powerful, bright and brilliant

Way more than you are willing

To give yourself credit for?

You are one in a million

Different from everybody else

There is noone like you

Your difference is your greatness

Your presence is your being

Your light is your inner compass

Your total awareness is your guide

Your total clarity is your answer

Your God is your ultimate Source

Your willingness to lead your own path

Without having to follow anybody else

That gives you lightness and expansion

That gives you true empowerment

To you and trust in you

That gives you joy and peace

That gives you infinite possibilities

Beyond this reality

Is the way that is right for you


You are the champion of strength

You are the warrior of spirit

You are the messenger of hope

Leading your own way

You are on your way

To reclaim your total freedom

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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