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The One and Only YOU

When you lived a life

Feeling like a slave

Living in a cell

With nowhere to go

Living everybody else’s lives

Having no rights

Having no choices

Having no power

Having no voice

Having no freedom

Having nothing left

But your eternal light

That never dies

Deep in your soul,

It was the very drive

To get you to live

It was the very drive

To get you to keep breathing

It was the very drive

To get you to keep going

It was the very drive

To get you to reclaim

Everything that belongs to you

Your life

Your joy

Your rights

Your choices

Your power

Your voice

It is your declaration of freedom

To be

Free as a wild mustang

Running at a full speed

To the unlimited horizon

Free as the gigantic wings

Spreading wide

Flying to the infinite Universe

Free as the enormous ocean

Flowing and merging as one

With the entire Universe

Free as countless stars and galaxies

With no limits

Free as your joyful bright smile

With your arms spreading wide

Playing with the air and wind

With your voice roaming free

Free as the gentle breeze

Running through your hair

Whispering to your ears

This is your freedom

Run free

Roam free

Roar free

Soar free

Fly free

Rise free

Be free,

My warrior,

You are the one and only legendary

Of your own destiny

You are the one and only liberator

Of your own soul

You are the one and only creator

Of your own magnificent future

With all magic and miracles

With all infinite possibilities

Beyond imagination

Waiting for you to receive

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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