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The only person who can change

Have you ever stayed in a toxic or unhealthy relationship for way too long with the hope that some day somehow they will change if you are loving enough, pleasing enough, kind enough, nice enough and would just be perfect? Or if they could just change, then you would be ok?

You already are more than loving, loveable, kind and beautiful exactly the way you are without having to do anything to prove it or to earn for it. You already are it by your very presence and existence.

Nothing you can do can change someone no matter how loving you are simply because they don’t want to change. They won’t be able to see, receive or appreciate what you do and be. The only person who can receive or appreciate what you do and be is...YOU. The only person you can change is YOU, nobody else, and not the other way around. All it takes is your willingness to see and acknowledge you, the beauty, the brilliance, the magnifence, the greatness of you. Start with you first. Always...That is from inside out instead of outside in. When you start doing that for yourself, you’ll create empowering and healthy relationships that you truly desire. Know that you can if you wish to. One step at a time. You got this.

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