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The Power of Your Ask

Have you ever felt stuck

Thinking and believing

Things were unchangeable

Nothing changed

You couldn’t change it

No matter how much you tried?

How does it feel for you?

Lighter or heavier?

What if none of that is true?

What did you define as change

That actually wasn’t,

That if you didn’t define it,

It would allow you to see

Your God’s total truth?

What impact have you been making

On you and others

That has expanded you and them

That you haven’t considered?

What light have you brought forth

In, with and through you

That has lightened up others’ worlds

From different walks of life

That you haven’t thought of?

How many choices for you

Have you made

That you thought you never could

And yet you did?

How much have you been able

To feel in, with and through your body

That you thought you never could

And yet you did?

How deep have you dived into you

That you thought you never could

And yet you did?

How much space

Have you created for you

That you thought you never could

And yet you did?

What kindness and caring for you

Have you chosen

That you thought

You never could and yet you did?

Would you like to acknowledge

That is how capable you are

Way more than you are willing

To give yourself credit for?

What if you have been changing

And moving forward

Way more than

You are willing to acknowledge?

So everywhere you decided

Changes had to be a certain way

That kept you from

Perceiving and receiving

The amazing things

You have been doing

The courageous choices

You have been choosing

The true change

You have been creating

The huge progress

You have been making

The brilliant wisdom

You have been gaining

The magnificent growth

You have been obtaining

The depth of a powerful soul

You have been unearthing,

Would you be willing

To uncreate, delete, destroy all that?

You are the changer

You are the shifter

You are the hope

You are the glow

You are the light

That radiates

That transforms

That dissipates

All the darkness

All the lies

That aren’t true

For and about you

What would it be like

If you would ask and

Be your ask and receiving

With total ease

For your inner knowing

For your total clarity

For your total truth

For your total awareness

For your total lightness

For your total space

For the fullness of your soul

For your God’s light

To burn into flame

That you truly be

For all eternity

That melts away

All darkness and lies?

What if you are the magic and master

Of your ask

With your total perceiving

With your total receiving

Of all forms of energies

As the first language

Of your infinite being

Beyond the thinking mind

Beyond the human language

Beyond this physical reality

Beyond this world

With your life journey

You have been walking

On this planet Earth

To embody and be

The greatness that

God created you to be?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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