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The Power of Your Soul

Awaken your soul

Nurture your soul

Embrace your soul

Be Home with your soul

Nothing and nobody

On the outside

Can complete and fulfill you

But your own soul and God within

That is how powerful you are

Your soul is calling for you

With so much love

Ignite your power alive

With your soul

Reclaim your power

Reclaim your life

Reclaim your freedom

Reclaim your joy

Reclaim your abundance

Reclaim your gifts

Reclaim your talents

Reclaim your greatness

Reclaim your existence

Reclaim your being

Take your space

Expand your space

Into every molecule

Of the entire Universe

Leaving your mark

That is YOU

Shine your light

Everywhere you go

Spread your wings

Fly higher and higher

As the magnificent soul

You are created to be

You deserve all the best

The entire Universe has to offer you

It is yours to take and reclaim

When you are ready for it

You have done and will always

Do your very best

With whatever you have available

At any given moment

From wherever you are

Keep walking your path

With your magical footprints on it

You have been doing amazing,

My beautiful souls

You got this. One step at a time.

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