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The Powerful Leader Called YOU

It is your path only

You are the one and only

Powerful leader of your path

You are the king of your path

You are the queen of your path

Nobody else even gets to be

The leader of your own path

Not your parents

Not other healers

Not your brothers and sisters

Not the president

Not anyone else at all

It is your total freedom

To choose for your path

It is your total power

To choose for your path

It is your birthright

It is where your power lies

When anyone says anything

To you and about you,

Always check in with yourself

Is it true for you?

Is it light for you?

Anything that feels heavy for you

Is never true for you

Go for your lightness

My powerful leaders

You are the only one

Who knows what is true for you

Nobody else gets to decide

What is true for you

You decide

You choose

You can make it

Even if you fear

You can make it

Even if you doubt

Because your choice

To trust you and your light

Will override it all

You will make it

You will thrive

With your heart and soul

With God within you

Leading the way

Your path is your journey

Of loving and trusting you

Of remembering and being

The truth of who you are

Not who and what others want you to be

Imagine what your life would be like

To just choose for you

Without the need to give up your needs

Without the need to please anyone at all

Without the need of anyone else’s

Love or approval

Just with your love for you

And approval of you

Just simply for your happiness and joy?

Just simply for your peace and ease?

Just simply for your lightness and expansion?

Just simply for your heart and soul?

You deserve all goodness

That is your true freedom,

My beautiful souls

You are on your way

Of setting you free

For your light to shine

As the brightest star

On this planet Earth

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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