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The Universe Gives You Exactly What You Need

You might feel fears, doubts, worries or frustration

And go into the spiral of ‘what if’ worst-case scenarios

When things don’t go your way, or When nothing happens It is normal to have these thought patterns In the survival mode Be aware of them and Choose empowering thoughts By flipping them and asking questions For your inner wisdom and awareness What if the Universe or God gives you Exactly what you need at your soul level Whether you are conscious of it or not For your soul growth and evolution? Tyler Perry - a famous American actor, playwright, producer, movie mogul Who used to be homeless Survived physical abuse Lived on and off in his car for 6 years And was named by Forbes As the second-highest earning man in Hollywood in 2011 He said: ‘Sometimes you were meant to be hidden’ What if you are meant to be hidden For a while As the preparation for your strong foundation Building and strengthening Your trust in you, God and life Keeping doing what your heart and soul desires Regardless of what is going on outside of you So that when it comes to your time You shine your light fully and unapologetically From the truth of who you are Your very own soul The Universe always got your back and Gives you exactly what you need For whatever your soul needs To grow and evolve to the next level In any circumstances Especially when things don’t go your way You are never a victim of any circumstances You are a mega-creator You are a thriver You are a warrior You are here to not just survive But to rise and shine your light To be a legendary on top of the world What if you could say ‘thank you, Universe, For giving me exactly what I need right now For my own growth?’ You will get it when you are ready to receive Go at your own pace Knowing that you are on the way Thriving to the other side No matter what You got this. One step at a time.

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