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The Whisper of Your Soul

How many of you

Thought and believed that

If you do anything wrong or bad,

God will punish you

Or that you’ll go to heaven

Only if you do good things

Or that God is testing you

When you experience so much

Pain and suffering?

Is it true?

Does it feel lighter or heavier for you?

Did those beliefs lift you up

Or pin you down

With more judgments of you

Whether you are likeable or not

Whether you are nice or not

Whether you are good or not

With whatever you do or don’t do?

How much of those beliefs was

What you were taught and perceived

From your family, authority figures

From your culture, religion and society?

How much of those beliefs

Was passed on to you

From ancestor to ancestor

From generation to generation

As a default and a normal reality?

Would God want punishment for you?

Would God want you to suffer?

Would God want to test you

Whether you trust God or not?

Would God divide and define

What is heaven and hell

And decide where you go

Based on your behaviour?

Would God teach you that?

Or is it human creation and conditioning

Training you to believe it

As real and true

To determine rewards or punishment

For others’ love and acceptance

In order to control you

In order to mold you

Into what you are expected

To be or not to be

Instead of your own wants and needs

Instead of your own soul?

What did you define as God

That actually wasn’t?

How many definitions of God

Did you have that aren’t even yours?

A little, a lot or all of them?

Everywhere you purchased

All those lies and beliefs

In this lifetime

In any and all lifetimes

As yours

When it actually wasn’t,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy

It all and return it all

To the senders please?

You are still standing here

And keep going

With your God’s light

As your torch

No matter how many lies

And beliefs you were taught

That aren’t true or light for you

Because you know deep

In your heart and soul

Your God’s total truth

That there is so much more for you

Better and greater

Beyond imagination

Beyond your wildest dreams

That you are here to truly live

That you are here to enjoy life

That you are here to shine your light

That you are here to have and be joy

What if heaven is your Home

Right in your heart and soul?

What if heaven is your state of being

No matter where you are?

What if heaven is your kindness,

Lovingness and caring for you?

What if heaven is God’s unconditional love

For you right here on this planet Earth

Regardless of what you do or don’t do?

What if heaven is your total awareness?

What if heaven is your joy

Whenever you choose

Without the need of punishment

Without the need of suffering?

Punishment and suffering is a choice

It is our own making

It is our human creation

That separates us

From God’s total truth

Coming from all lies and beliefs

That don’t empower us

To be the greatness

God created us all to be

What if you are here

To smash them all

To embody and be all of YOU?

What if you are an ascended master

Walking on Earth

With your life experiences

With everything you’ve gone through

With all the learnings and growing

You have gained from

And continue to obtain

To show God’s total truth

Within each one of us

By your power to choose

By your willingness to ask for

By your capacity to receive

More of your joy and fun

More of your smile and laughter

More of your happiness and bliss

More of your heart opening and receiving

More of your total awareness and truth

More of your kindness and

Appreciation for you

More of your total trust in you and God

More of your adventure and exploration

More of your powerful voice and

Speaking your unstoppable truth

More of your victory and glory

More of your magic and miracles

More of your abundance and ease

More of your God’s spectacular starlight

More of your total space and being

More of your knowing and wisdom

More of your infinite freedom

More of your aliveness and living

More of your talents and gifts

More of your superpower and genius

More of your contribution of lightness

To you and the world

That are all just meant for YOU

What if it is exactly

What God desires and has

For you?

What if it is the whisper

Of your magnificent soul

To a wide open door

Of more and more

Of infinite possibilities and choices

To be Home with YOU and God

Right here on planet Earth

Called God’s magnicent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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