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The Willingness to Stand Alone

Just because a majority thinks and functions a certain way, it doesn’t mean that it’s true for you or that you are wrong if you don’t.

Just because a majority says you gotta wear masks to get along, it doesn’t mean that it’s true for you or that you are wrong if you don’t.

Following the majority even when it is not right for you is conforming to the mass and suppressing being. When you are aware of what is true for you and acknowledge it, the lies no longer have a hold on you. Your world will just lighten up with lightness. You are too magnificent to be in the mass. Choose what is true for you no matter what. Choose your lightness no matter what. That is trusting you. That is choosing you. The more you trust you, the more you hear God within. Be different as you are. Be a rebel Be a defiant Follow your truth Be willing to stand alone even when you have to. Be willing to walk away from all the environments, people and relationships that are not in alignment with the truth of who you are. You are a true warrior of strength and courage. You are not born to be a follower. You are born to be a leader. You are the leader of your own path. Be the alpha Be God within Be Goddess within Take charge Speak your truth unapologetically Be seen Be heard You are worthy to be heard and to be seen You are courageous You are bold You are wise You are magical You are magnificent You are greatness Way more than you might give yourself credit for Continue to choose more of you and all of YOU. Shine your light. You got this. One step at a time.

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