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Total Freedom to Choose

You are never wrong

For whatever you choose

No choice is good or bad

Either way,

You will always learn from it

For your highest good

For your soul growth and evolution

You are not bound

By any event or situation

By any person or relationship

By any choice you make

Even if any of that

No longer works for you,

You can always go in the other direction

Anytime you would like to

That is your willingness to let it all go

That is your willingness to face the fear

Head-on that

Without any of that, you can’t survive

What if without who and what

No longer works for you,

You create space for

Who and what works for you

With total flow and ease

No more struggles

No more hitting the wall

No more going upstream

No more trying to make

What no longer works work

Just by letting it all go?

What if you will not just only survive

But truly live, thrive and

Shine your light magnificently?

It doesn’t mean that

There will be no challenges ahead

Once you let it all go

There will be,

Yet they will work for you

They will inspire you

They will empower you

They will grow you

They will expand you

They will lighten up your spirit, and

The more you choose you

For your lightness and expansion

For your joy, peace and ease,

The more you will reclaim and own

Your sense of self-worth

The more you will be

Willing to be aware

To acknowledge and

Walk away from anything or anyone

That disempowers you in any way

In a heartbeat

To the level where

It no longer exists in your world,

That is your total freedom

And total power to choose you

Simply for YOU

Without bindings

Your freedom to choose

Whatever you like

Your freedom to say yes or no

From your heart and soul

Simply for you

Is your greatest power

That God gifts you

That nobody can take away from you

Unless you allow them to

That is how brilliant and powerful

You are!

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For a free 30-minute free session to see how I can help you ignite your power alive, release the limiting beliefs and what holds you back, please contact me via email:

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