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Trust You

Have you ever or repeatedly doubted yourself and beat yourself up for it thinking you are crazy, or paranoid for feeling a certain way and dismissing it?

Then you suppressed it, suppressed it, suppressed it until it exploded one day?

Does it sound familiar?

How much of the judgment of ‘oh, it’s bad’ or ‘I am bad’ or ‘I am wrong, I am not nice for feeling a certain way’ is actually your awareness of, as a soul, an infinite being, what is not true for you?

What feels heavy is not true for you

What feels off is not true for you

What feels light is true for you

Because you are lightness


You are the only one who knows what is true for you, nobody else.

It’s ok to doubt

As long as we are human, there will be doubts that come up along the way

It’s a process

It’s a journey of trusting more of you and all of you

With challenges coming your way

Just be aware of the doubt

Be present with it

Make friends with it

Then say ‘hello, doubt, thank you for showing up. Thank you for reminding me that I am greater than you, that I have the power, the total freedom to choose to trust me and my awareness.’

What if each time you doubt you is actually the very opportunities and gifts to choose to trust YOU?

What if you just face that doubt head-on in the eyes and choose to step in your power and trust your awareness anyway?

Each time you do that

You choose more of you

You trust more of you

You own more of you

You step more into your infinite power within

That is trusting YOU

Even if you gotta lose it all

To gain all of YOU

Are you willing to do and be that?

What if now is the time?

What if that is your path?

Regardless of what others say or external circumstances say otherwise?

You are way greater than you think you are

You are way greater than you might give yourself credit for

Trust your awareness

Trust your gut feeling

When it feels off

Choose to trust you no matter what

Noone can stop you but you

You are unstoppable

You got this. One step at a time.

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