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Trust Your Heart

There are times

When you want to

Speak your truth

Choose your truth

Fears and doubts might

Come up with thoughts like

‘What if I speak this,

They’ll get upset and dislike me?’

‘What if I speak this,

They’ll make me wrong?’

‘What if I choose this,

I will lose that?’

‘What if I choose this,

I won’t be able to make it without them?’

‘What if I choose this,

How can I survive?’

And so on

Does it resonate?

It is ok to have those thoughts

It is ok to have fears and doubts

What matters is to be aware of them

And choose your truth anyway

Over all fears and doubts

If you would like to

Your truth comes from your heart

Your truth comes from your soul

Your truth comes from your knowing

Your truth comes from your intuition

Your truth is what your heart and soul desires

It is your inner guidance

It is your support

It is your lightness and expansion

It is not easy

To choose your truth

When fears and doubts challenge you

They are the very moments

To choose your heart

With your truth

Sometimes it requires you

To stand alone with your truth

It takes strength and courage

To listen to your heart

When nothing outside of you makes sense

When the immediate circumstances

Might not be in your favour

It is those challenging moments

It is those challenging circumstances

That will bring your trust in you

To the next level

If you choose it

That is choosing to trust you

No matter what

It is a practice

It is a journey

It is a process

Of learning to trust you

Over fears and doubts

When you choose to speak your truth,

Those who aren’t in alignment with you

For your highest good

Will fall away

Those who are in alignment with you

Will stay and more will come along

Riding the journey with you

Empowering you

Supporting you and

Celebrating with you

It ain’t gonna be easy

There might be challenges

During the process

The road is not smooth as silk at all times

It probably would be boring

Yet you are built for those challenges

Stand your ground

Stand in your truth

No matter what

Your doors will open

Infinite possibilites will open

You will grow and evolve

Beyond imagination

Your roots will grow deeper

Your foundation will get stronger

Than ever before



Can ever shake or break you

Things will make sense

Things will fall into place

You will make it

You will thrive

Miracles are coming your way

Trust beyond your naked eyes

Trust your heart

Trust your soul

Trust your truth

Trust you

Honor you

Choose YOU

Against all odds

You are never alone

Whether you believe it or not

God is within and with you

At all times

God is your healer

God is your guide

God is your mentor

God is your light

Flowing through your soul

You are a legendary

You are extraordinary

You are phenomenal

Taking less than or

Better than nothing

Ain’t your world

You deserve the best

You are on your way

To unwrap your magical gifts

Called YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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