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One day at a time

One moment at a time

One thought at a time

One breath at a time

One step at a time

One choice at a time

Of kindness to you

Of appreciation for you

Of trust in you

Of peace for you

Of freedom for you

That heals your heart

That nurtures your soul

That connects you with God

Feeling God’s presence

Being in and around you

Flowing through you

Every molecule

Every cell

Of your body

Getting your back

At all times

Whether you believe it or not

Tap into the energy

Of God’s presence

It is such a loving energy

Beyond words

That always catches you

That always comforts you

That always embraces you

Even if you fall

Ground you so deeply

With this strong foundation

With you and God

To be ready for any and all

That come your way

In your journey

Of conquering your own world

The world of highest empowerment

The world of greatest kindness

The world of deepest compassion

The world of most gigantic heart

The world of most soulful passion

The world of unity

Coming from your heart and soul

With your brightest light

That ignites others’ brightest light

Singing and dancing together

Our celebration song of

Our life and soul purposes

Coming alive

Being everything that God

Created us to be

That is our birthright

You got this. One step at a time

- Phuong

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