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What Are You Choosing?

Your truth?

Your infinite being

Your all-knowing God part of you

That you truly be

Or repeating the same patterns

That no longer work for you?

Yes, at the soul level

You chose certain families

Certain relationships

Certain people in your life

To learn whatever

Your soul needed to learn

It is the good you gain from it

In that sense

How about the bad and the ugly?

How many times did you think

It was negative

It was wrong

That you were judgmental

And suppressed it

When it actually was your awareness

Of what was going on

And would set you free?

What if total truth includes

The good, the bad and the ugly?

It isn’t always pretty

It isn’t always comfortable

It isn’t always beautiful

With all colors of the rainbow

Many times

It stings as hell

Yet once you are willing

To acknowledge it

You will end the same patterns

Make a totally different choice

From a totally different place

And create a totally different reality

That you have never considered before

What is true for someone else

Doesn’t mean that it is true for you

And vice versa

You are the only one who knows

What is light and right for you

No matter what others say

Would YOU as an infinite being

Choose pain and suffering

To become your best self?

Would YOU as an infinite being

Choose abusive families and relationships

Over and over again

In order to evolve?

It is the unconsciousness

That holds the repetition in place

Until we choose to be aware

Is it wrong to repeat?


Are you wrong for repeating?

Absolutely not

We all learn and grow at different paces

We are all in the perfect place

From wherever we are right now

As human beings,

We are all unaware of something

At one point or another

It is just our willingness

To pratice to choose awareness

If we would like to

What if you have already been,

Always were

Always are and

Always will be

Your best self

Your higher self

Your highest self

Your soul

Your infinite being

Your God within

Your Source,

However you’d like to call it,

That you truly be

From the very first time

You were created?

What if learning and evolving

Is choosing that?

What if there are so many other

Different empowering possibilities

To be and evolve your soul

Without the necessity

Of repeating abuse

Without the necessity

Of repeating pain and suffering

Without the necessity

Of repeating the same patterns

Lifetime after lifetime?

What if learning and evolving

Is choosing fun and joy