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What Do You Desire?

A house?

A car?






Days off from your

Busy stressful working and family lives?

Thinking that if you got all that done,

You would be ok?

What if all those desires

Come from outside in

Instead of inside out?

If you lost or didn’t have any of that,

What would you have left?

YOU, your very own soul

YOU, God within

Without YOU, none of that would exist

I used to come from the place outside of me

Wanting a romantic relationship

Thinking if I had it, I would be happy

The truth is nobody can love me

If I don’t love me

I won’t be able to receive it

Even if it’s a saint

The need for it has long gone

Since I got to experience my very own soul

That God part within me

Strongly through my human body

For the very time several years ago

And the clarity of my soul and life purpose

I feel fulfilled more than ever before

With my very own soul

Going for my highest purpose of

Serving humanity

Knowing that everything else will come to me

That is in support of and

Alignment with my purpose

Without searching for it

Or anything or anybody else outside of me

From the place of need

What if the burning desire

To get to know your very own soul

Will end all the external desires

That are perceived

To determine your happiness?

YOU as a soul are whole

YOU as a soul are complete

YOU are joy with or without

Anything or anybody else

Outside of you

YOU are not broken

YOU got nothing to be fixed

Even if you might feel wounded

Even if you might feel broken

Once you remember and embody

Your very own soul

In your human body

Your very soul and life purpose

What you are here for on this planet Earth

Healing comes

Health comes

Relationships come

Abundance comes

Material things come

Opportunities come

Miracles come

Infinite possibilities come


As the byproducts of embodying

The truth of who you are

God within you

Your true freedom from all external forces

Your true freedom from this limiting reality

Of rules, regulations, fixed points of view

As to how things are supposed to be

As to how we are supposed to do and be

In order to be seen as ok and normal

Your true freedom to be YOU

Extraordinary like nobody else

Keep believing in you

Choosing you

Exploring what works for you

Taking steps

Big or small

Walking your life path

Living your life purpose

Your bright, brilliant future

Is coming your way

Beyond your wildest dreams

You got this. One step at a time.

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