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What Do You Say?

No matter what others say

Do this or be that

It’s just their opinions

How about yours?

What would you say?

Is it true for you?

Is it light for you?

If you find yourself

Choosing something

For the sake of others

To make them happy

Or to be nice

While you feel heavy

Or make you wrong

For wanting something else

Thinking you get confused

Not knowing what you want

Or getting told

You don’t know what you want

Is it really true?

What if that is the very moment

You do know what you want for you

You do know what your heart says to you

That you are just unwilling to acknowledge?

What if you do always know

What is true for you?

Would you be willing to acknowledge

How aware you are

How kind, loving and caring you are

Even when it doesn’t work for you?

What if you can still be loving and caring

Without giving up your own needs?

What if you can still choose for you

And what you want

Instead of choosing

What others want for you

That brings you lightness and expansion?

That is kindness to you

That is kindness to others

You might think

Well, easier said than done

That’s right

It ain’t going to be easy at first

It might be uncomfortable

Many times

Yet it can be done

As long as you have the burning desire

For your freedom

Each time you choose you for YOU,

Each time you speak your truth,

You reclaim more of YOU

Your power and potency

Your love for you

Your being

Your energy

Your space

Your existence

The more you choose you for YOU,

The more you set you free

And shine your light,

Therefore the more you set others free

And allow them to shine their light

The more you choose you for YOU,

The easier it will get

It is a practice

It is a process

It is a journey

Of owning and embodying your

Total power and freedom to choose you

Simply for YOU

For your fun

For your joy

For your happiness

For your ease

That you truly be

You got this. One step at a time.

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