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What If

What if you see you

The way God sees you?

What if you hear you

The way God hears you?

What if you feel you

The way God feels you?

What if you love you

The way God loves you?

What if you trust you

The way God trusts you?

What if you appreciate you

The way God appreciates you?

What if you gift you

The way God gifts you?

What if you receive you

The way God receives you?

What if you trust God

The way God trusts you?

What if you can see

Your bright brilliant future

As a powerful mega-creator

Expanding your own life

And millions of lives you touch

That you truly be?

Who and what can stop you?


Hold your magnificent future

Hold your hopes and dreams

Dear to your heart and soul

Keep going for your future

Keep going for your freedom

Fanning your burning flame

That never dies

Deep in your eternal soul

The soul of God’s warrior

Across all lifetimes and back

Beyond all universes

For all eternity

You have been doing amazing

Towards your unstoppable future

From wherever you are

You have been receiving

More of YOU

Each and everyday

The gift you truly be

On this planet Earth

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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