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What If Being On Fire Is Your Choice?

How many times have you heard

And experienced people talking

About this and that information

That so and so authorities say so

That so and so people do so

As though it is the ultimate source

As though it is the ultimate power

As though it is the ultimate truth

As though you are supposed to

Do the same things

March to the same choir

Follow everybody else

Or else you are wrong

Or else there will be consequences

If you don’t do it?

How much of it is fear, threat

And intimidation attached

To the information

In order to control you?

You are an infinite being

Without limitation or fear

Whatever feels light is true for you

Whatever feels heavy is a lie for you

You are aware of everybody else’s

Thoughts, feelings and emotions

How much of that fear is

What you are aware of

From everybody else

Buying everybody else’s fear

Without questioning it?

Whatever information

Comes your way,

Is it true for you?

Is it light for you?

Is it expansive for you?

Is it empowering to you?

Does it work for you?

Does it give you the freedom

To be all of YOU?

Does it give you a sense of

The universe of ‘either this or that’

As the total sum of your choice

Which is no choice at all

That contracts you or

The universe of infinite possibilities

And choices that expand you?

What if any time you perceive

Any trauma and drama

That drags you down

That makes you feel heavier

That contributes to no expansion of you,

You can destroy and annihilate it

In a heartbeat?

What if you are on fire just like that

Any given moment you choose?

As long as you choose to be aware

Of what is light and true for you

By going into questions,



No authority

No external power

No money

No possessions

No consequences

No fear

No trauma and drama

Can ever control you

Can ever decide how you feel

Can ever determine your state of being

Without your permission

Your choice, your way

Your choice, your path

Your choice, your direction

Your choice, your life

Your choice, your freedom

You are your ultimate Source

You choose how you feel about you

You choose how you see about you

You choose what you think about you

You choose whatever you like or don’t like

You choose to do whatever you like

You choose to say YES when you want to

You choose to say NO when you want to

Not because you should

Not because you have to

Not because you ought to

Not because you are supposed to

Not because you are told to

But simply for YOU

For your lightness and total freedom

Regardless of people’s opinions

Regardless of who likes you or not

Regardless of what is going on

In the world

Regardless of who is doing what

In the world

Regardless of who is having what

In the world

You are here to shine your light

Not to please anyone

Would you be willing to stand alone

For your joy and freedom

If and when required

With or without anybody

With or without anything

Outside of you at all?

Whether you live or die,

As long as you know that

You are following your soul

Where you are going

You are fulfilling your meaning in life

You are fulfilling your purpose

Without the need to know the steps

Without the need to have a specific plan

Even when it doesn’t make sense

To anyone around you,

You got it

You got YOU

You are doing it right

Keep going

That is your brilliance

That is your greatness

Beyond this reality

You ain’t willing to be a follower

You ain’t willing to do the same things

Like anybody else

You are the leader of your own path

Nobody and nothing can shake

Your trust in YOU

You trust you first

You like you first

You don’t have to do the same things

Think the same way

Like anybody else

In order to trust you

In order to know that

You are doing the right thing

You are succeeding

You are going ahead

Or in order to belong

You belong to you

You belong with you

You and God are your Home

What if you have been

Doing it right all along

Because you are willing

To be different

To think different

To choose different

To function different

Like nobody else

Regardless of anyone’s approval

On this planet Earth?

If you think you don’t know how to trust you

If you think you can’t trust you


You can

You do

You will,

And you are


You are here

Regardless of how much you experienced

That is exactly your trust in your light

Even when nobody showed or taught you

You have already been a success

And always will be

With or without anything

With or without anybody

Outside of you

Never giving up

Keeping going

For your extraordinariness

Breathing life

To this planet

And everyone else around you

As a God-given gift

You are born to be

Would you like to acknowledge

What a phenomenal thriver

What a gigantic success

What a magnificent being

Of, from

With, through

And as God

You have already been and

Always will be

For all eternity

Simply because you are different

Like nobody else?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book link Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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