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What If You Do Know?

Have you ever felt

Drawn to something

Or curious about something

Whether it’s reading, watching

Or listening to something,

Without knowing why,

You didn’t have any recollection of it

Saying something like,

‘I don’t feel anything’

‘I don’t know if it’s real.

‘I don’t know if it’s true.’

Especially when it comes

To the things that most people

Around you don’t believe in

Or think it’s crazy or not real

Yet the very thing

You were drawn to

Gave you hope

A sense of lightness

A sense of joy

A sense of Home

Whether you were

Aware of it or not?

How many of you were

Taught as a kid

To doubt your knowing

Rather than trust it?

How many times

Were you told

You were crazy

It wasn’t real?

How many of you were told

That there must be evidence

There must be reasons

There must be details

There must be an explanation

There must be many people

Saying the same thing

There must be this or that

To back it up

In order to trust?

Does that feel heavy?

The God all-knowing part of you

Happens that fast

In a split second

The part of you that doubts

And denies your knowing

Also happens that fast

In a split second

When you say ‘I don’t know’,

Does it feel lighter or heavier for you?

When you say it to yourself

Often enough or all the time

From what you were taught,

It becomes an autopilot programming

That runs in the background

That you are no longer conscious of

That’s when self-doubt occurs

That’s when the repeated patterns occur

That’s when confusion occurs

That’s when you wanted

To speak your truth

But didn’t know what to say

How to say it

In a stressful situation occurs

So everywhere you said to yourself

‘I don’t know’

Disavowing your knowing,

Therefore disavowing YOU,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy

All that and reclaim your

God all-knowing part of YOU?

What if you do know

Without the why?

What if you do know

Without the need

Of anyone else’s approval?

What if it’s safe and possible

To trust what you know

And that you are

So worthy and deserving of it

Because it is your God-given gift

Since you were born into this world?

How do you know you KNOW?

Whatever feels lighter and expansive

For you

If and when you catch yourself

Saying ‘I don’t know’

That contracts your world

Pause and ask yourself

‘What if I do know,

What would I know?’

And go with it

Would you like to receive that

You understand what it feels like

To go with it

With your total freedom

To go wherever you’d like to go

Without having to be right or wrong

Without having to be perfect

Knowing that wherever you go,

It is going to be a wonderful adventure

Of seeing the real YOU?

What if by choosing to

Trust your knowing

Over the doubts

Over all the disempowering teachings

With your self-awareness

Over and over again,

You thrive and fly so high

To be the extraordinary leader

Of your life you are born to be

As you choose to

See and trust YOU

Your heart, your soul and

Your God within

No matter what?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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