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What is your dream and desire?

What is your dream?

What is your desire?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed

Wondering how you can get there

When your dream is big and huge?

When you feel all alone most of your journey?

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed

Then choose whatever empowers you again

Choose truth again

Choose your heart again

Choose your soul again

Choose YOU again

That you are unstoppable

Everything is a process

Everything is a journey

Your growth is a journey

We gotta start from somewhere

Commit to yourself with doing something

Each and everyday

That inspires and empowers you

Your heart, soul and universe

That strengthens your faith and trust in YOU

In the Universe and God within you

That lifts you up no matter what obstacles in your way

If you get tired, it’s ok to give yourself a break

But never give up

Then pick yourself up again

One moment at a time

One thought at a time

One step at a time

One brick at a time

Let go of control even more

Trust even more

Believe even more

Who is the most important person for you to trust and believe in?


God within you

God within is always in and with you, guides and supports you all the way even when you don’t feel it

You are a warrior

You are not alone

We are in this together

Keep going towards your dream and desire

You got this. One step at a time.

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