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Who does this belong to?

Who does this belong to? This is one of the self-help tools from Access Consciousness for our awareness to deal with fear, anxiety and every thought, feeling, emotion, belief especially during the coronavirus pandemic. We can apply it to our daily lives.

The truth is that we are infinite beings beyond our bodies. As infinite beings, we are aware of everything. We are pure consciousness and total awareness. That's how powerful we are. So many times we perceive other people's stuff like thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, realities and think it's us and buy them as ours when actually they are not. This tool helps us be aware of what's going on. With the awareness by asking the question "who does this belong to", then it's up to our choice to either buy it or return it to the senders when we are aware that it doesn't belong to us. There's nothing we can do about what doesn't belong to us. By taking on other people's stuff on as ours is actually both disempowering to us and to them. It keeps us both stuck. So one of the most empowering acts we can do for ourselves and others is actually to return what doesn't belong to us to the senders.

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