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Who You Are Meant To Be

You could be bruised

Yet you are brave

You could be wounded

Yet you are courageous

You could be hurt

Yet you are kind

You could be uncared for

Yet you are caring

You could be unsupported

Yet you are supportive

You could be neglected

Yet you are loving

You could be sad

Yet you are humourous

You could be treated with cruelty

Yet you are compassionate

You could be disempowered

Yet you are empowering

You could be broken

Yet you are potent

You could be in doubt

Yet you choose to trust

You could forget your soul

Yet you choose to remember

You could never be shown

What love truly is

Yet you do know what it is

From your heart and soul

You could be in pain

Yet there you stand

Keeping going



Could ever

Break you


You are God

God is you

You are the inspiration of God

You are the expression of God

You are the remembrance of God

You are the breath of God

God flows through your veins

You are whole

You are complete

You are Home with YOU

That is who you are meant to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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