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You Are A Powerful Healer Within

When you hear the word ‘healer’

Do you think or believe that

It is for someone special

It is for someone powerful

With God-given gifts

With powerful healing skills

With powerful intuition

With that special something

Getting access to ‘all that is’

Or God, Source, angels, beings of light

Or whatever that is

Who has the power to heal you

While you don’t or can’t be none of that?

Is it true or a lie?

What if you are already born a powerful healer?

You have total power to heal you

Because you are God

And God is you

Nobody else can heal you, but YOU

Nobody else knows more than

Or better than you but YOU

You are the only one who knows

What is light and true for you

The total power lies within you

You are a God-given gift

As a powerful healer within

With your own life experiences

With your own struggles and pain

With your learnings and wisdom

That come through you

From God within you

If someone can talk with God

Or channel God or healing energies

Or whoever, whatever that is

So can you!

If you wish to

If it is your passion and burning desire

Talking with God is talking with YOU

That greatness, magnificence version of you

That is in and with you at all times

At any given moment even when you forget

What if that very burning desire

Is your deep inner knowing that

You already got that inner healing power

That you haven’t acknowledged?

All it takes is your choice to

Be willing and committed

To taking a journey of going within

And taking ownership of

That power within you

No matter what it takes

No matter how long it takes

If you choose to work with a healer,

And don’t feel safe to be you in their presence

It doesn’t matter how skilled they are

How good their reputation is

How much they can do under the sun

Listen to and trust your feeling

It is your awareness knowing that

Something is off and

This is not working for you

A true healer is a witness who

Holds space for you

Without superiority or judgment

A true healer is a companion, fellow soul

Who walks by your side

Goes with your pace

Not ahead of you leaving you behind

And takes your hands

Saying ‘let’s do this together’

No pushing

No controlling

Just total allowance of you

A true healer is a guide who

Facilitates and empowers you

To do it yourself

To trust you

To get access to your own inner guidance

To get access to that God part within you

That each one of us has and be

To know, perceive, receive and trust it

Your lightness

Your infinite wisdom

Your infinite awareness

Of what is light and true for you

Letting you know, see and acknowledge that

You can do it

You are capable of being

That powerful healer of all within you

That you already are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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