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You Are A Powerhouse

Hurt people hurt

Those who get angry

And are not responsible for their own anger

Might say and do things to make you feel bad

To disempower you

To make them feel powerful over you

Intentionally or unintentionally


Because they feel powerless inside

So it’s no reflection of you

It’s a reflection of them

How much of what you made them so big and powerful was actually the gift you gave them?

Empowering and loving people

Empower others and help them

Get access to their power within

No matter what, you still choose kindness

And choose to empower you and others

Inspire others to know, receive, perceive what is true for them

Empower them to receive and trust their power within

Empower them to trust and love them

Gift others what you never had

Coming from your heart and soul

How much does that say about you?

You are a powerhouse

You are greatness

You are a miracle

You are that power within

It has always been with and in you

All the way

Your light is eternal and brilliant

Keep shining your light

Lifting the world up

By being YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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