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You Are A Visionary

How many of you

Growing up were taught,

Spoken and unspoken,

That your parents’

Loved ones’ and everybody else’s

Pain and suffering

Was all your fault?

Did it squeeze your heart

Did it stab your heart

Did it crush your heart

Did it break your heart

To the level

You couldn’t breathe?

Did it shatter your soul into

Parts and pieces to the level

You felt dead inside?

Was the pain in your body and being

Bleeding so deeply in your veins

That numbing it

All the ‘I don’t know’ and

Getting out of your body was

The only way

You knew how to survive?

How many times did you

Feel that way

Throughout your life?

How many parts and pieces of you

Did you split from

That made you feel broken?

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy it all

And take back

All those parts and pieces of you?

As loving and caring as you are

You loved those who

Taught you so much

That you took on all the lies

Of blaming, shaming and guilting you

Believing that was how they loved you

Locked them all up in your body

Until you felt no strength left

In order to take away

Their pain and suffering

When it actually didn’t

In order to feel connected with them

When it actually separated you

More from you and them

Everything that is,

Will you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy it all?

Would you like to receive that

You know what it feels like

To be loving and caring to

To be connected and

In total communion with

You and others,

Bigger and greater

Vast and expansive

Liberating and free,

By being all of YOU

Without having to take on their baggage

Without having to carry them

On your shoulders

Without having to be them?

With that level of trauma and drama

You went through,

The fact that

You are still standing here

Breathing each and everyday

Looking back on

All the pain and hurts

All the grief and sorrow

That you didn’t get to express

To set you free

Collecting any and all

Parts and pieces of you

Back to and with YOU

Fighting for your life

Even when you didn’t feel it

Fighting for your future

Even when you didn’t see it

Fighting for YOU

Even when you didn’t know

What your sense of self was

Teaching you all over again

Gifting everything

That you were never given

To others from different walks of life

Lightening up their world

Empowering them to be

Everything God created them to be,

It is nothing less than a miracle

YOU have made it all happen

Because YOU are that miracle

Would you like to acknowledge

Your God’s absolute truth about

That level of power and potency

That greatness of a powerful leader

Beyond words

That you are born to be?

Your light is so bright and undeniable

That all the turmoil,

Insanity and cruelty

Of the world you lived in

All the brokeness you felt inside,

It couldn’t kill you,

It never can and never will

Because you know

Deep in your heart and soul

That it is never true about you

Your light

Brighter than the sun

Overrides it all

Your gigantic, enormous heart

Greater than the infinite ocean

Overrides it all

Your capacity to love

Your capacity of kindness

Through your soul

Is beyond this world

That is your rising

Above all ashes

Even when you might

Think or feel like

You are not where you want to be

Keep rising

At your own pace

Above all the drama and trauma

Above all the weight

Above all the lies

That never belong to you

Keep shining your light

In your own unique way

All it takes is your own

Acknowledgment of YOU

All it takes is your willingness

To see YOU and your light

Regardless of who sees you or not

What if you are a visionary

Simply because you see YOU

Simply because you choose

To trust you

With your inner knowing

Without proof

Without the need of details

Of what things are going to look like?

Have you noticed

You keep going

Because you know

Deep in your heart and soul

Only greatness is in store for you?

If you think you’ve already seen you,

See you more

If you think you’ve already loved you,

Love you more

If you think you’ve already trusted you,

Trust you more

If you think you’ve already chosen you,

Choose you more

Let’s celebrate YOU

With our happy dance

With so much joy

Singing in our heart

Just for YOU

For choosing more of YOU

It is never ever too much

When it comes to YOU

Your joy and ease

Your abundance and glory

Your living and aliveness

Your freedom and happiness

You are born to be

Are on your way

As you are taking back

All of YOU

Your magnificent soul

Whole and complete

Bright and spectacular

Sparkling and burning

Beyond imagination

That God created you to be

For all eternity

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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