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You are an inspiration

Have you ever felt ashamed of your past whatever it was?

Have you ever thought something like: if someone knows about your past, they’ll judge you, think bad about you or won’t like you?

What if it’s a lie? What if your past is a gift to remembering the truth of who you are? What if your past is your own life experiences to say how amazing, loving, kind, strong and brave you truly are? What if your past is such an inspiring story to your transformation to the truth of who you truly are? What if your past is an inspiration to others to do the same for their transformation? There is no shame about your past. It doesn’t define who you are. It shapes who you are. Embrace your past. Be free from your past at the same time. Use it to empower. Use it to transform. Use it to inspire. You are a warrior. You are an angel walking on Earth. You are so beautiful and magical including your past. You are an inspiration. That’s how amazing, powerful, potent, beautiful and magnificent you truly are! Embrace all of YOU including your past. You got this. One step at a time.

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