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You Are Born Free

You are not born to be controlled

You are not born to be owned

You are not born to be nullified

You are not born to be silenced

You are not born to be the same

As everybody else

You are not born to be tamed

Into being anybody else

Into being everybody else

Other than YOU

The more you got put in a box,

The more you rebelled,

It has never worked for you

You have never been tamed

And never will be

Because you are that gigantic

The size of the Universe

To be put in a box

It can never fit you

You are born enormous

You are born extraordinary

You are born phenomenal

You are born magical

You are born miraculous

You are born wise

You are born brilliant

You are born a genius

You are born wild

You are born free

You are born bigger

You are born greater

You are born different

From everybody else

You are born infinite


Fixed forms and structures

Fixed formulas and recipes

Can never work for you

Your diffence is your genius

Your wildness is your genius

Your infinity is your freedom

Keep trusting you

Keep being different

Keep being wild

Keep being untamed


You are no follower

You are the powerful creator

You are the innovative inventor

You are the potent steward

You are the master actualizer

Of your own life and reality

Beyond this reality

Different from everybody else

As the biggest brightest starlight

On this planet Earth

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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