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You Are Boundless

When you were told

To remember your origin,

Where you came from

Your country

Your culture

Your hometown

Your nationality

Your lineage

Somewhere along that line

How much of that

Would put you into a box

Limit you to who and what

You are supposed or not supposed to be?

What if you are not defined by your name?

What if you are not defined by your body?

What if you are not defined by your country?

What if you are not defined by your culture?

What if you are not defined by your race?

What if you are not defined by

Anything outside of you

Anybody outside of you

At all?

Then who would you be

Without none of that?

You are an infinite being

You are an eternal soul

You are a free spirit

With your infinity

As your Home

With all gods and goddesses

With all religions

With all races

With all cultures

With all countries

With all space and dimensions

With all stars

With all galaxies

With no division

With no discrimination

All coming from the same Source

Flowing through you

Without being bound

By any of them




Go wherever you’d like to go

Be wherever you’d like to be

That gives you lightness and expansion

That gives you inspiration and empowerment

That gives you the freedom

To be all of YOU

What if

That is your Home

That is your country

That is your culture

That is your nationality

Called God within

Each one of us

Flowing through your loving heart

And your magnificent soul

Wherever you are?

That is our origin

Boundless and free

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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