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You are Fearless

Have you ever felt unloved and believed you never knew what love is most of your life?

Have you ever felt so many fears most of your life that you got paralyzed and depressed?

Yet you are still here Still breathing Still standing Still keep walking on your path Finding your truth Remembering the truth of who you are Your soul Your purpose Your desire Your dream Your passion Your talents and gifts Your life Your infinite power within Your total freedom To be YOU You still choose to give that love and empowerment to you against all odds You still choose to shower you with loving, kind, caring and empowering words to you and others What does that say about you? You are fearless despite all fears You are unstoppable against all odds What if that ‘you never know what love truly is’ is a lie? What if deep in your soul, you do know what it is despite your past experiences? What if you do know deep within that you are love within That love is not from anybody or anything else outside of you That it is God within God within is love That love is you Only you can experience that for you Only you know what it feels like for you Only you can fill you up with that, nobody else That’s how powerful and potent you are! What if you come here to remember, acknowledge and embody it, that love within for you first with all the pain, suffering or abuse you experienced To show others and awaken it in them to look within instead of looking for it outside in somebody else or something else? What if now is the time to acknowledge that You are strong, powerful and potent way more than you know and might give yourself credit for You are aware and wise way more than you know and might give yourself credit for You actually have been listening to and trusting your wisdom all along Your wisdom is infinite and out of this world? What if now is the time to stop making you wrong for trusting your wisdom all along no matter what others say otherwise? Choose to shower you with loving, kind, caring, empowering words to you Say them out loud to you everyday Regardless of what you do or don’t do Especially when you think you don’t do good enough Lies can never stop your truth Lies can never dim your eternal, brilliant light Choose your light no matter what You are fearless for giving you the love you didn’t receive You are phenomenal You are extraordinary Beyond words You are a warrior of love and light You are a badass out of this world You got this. One step at a time.

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