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You Are God's Blessing

When you lost something or someone

How many times

Did you blame and judge yourself

You didn’t do enough

You must have missed something

You could have done better

You should have done better?

How much of your life

Have you spent holding on

To guilt and regret

To sadness and sorrow

Thinking and believing

As long as you hold on to it

You will figure something out

You will be able to fix it

You will be able to get it back?

Have you found yourself

Keeping searching for some reason

That you missed and

You have never seemed to find it?

What if it’s because

It never existed

From the first place?

What if it’s because

You did nothing wrong?

What if it’s because

You had done

Way more than enough

With what you had available

At those very moments

Far more than you were

Willing to acknowledge?

Have you noticed

As loving and caring as you are

Beyond this world,

You always looked for what else

You can do and be

To be better

To be kinder

Even that includes blaming you

Even that includes being kind

To everybody else except YOU

During that process?

Everywhere you blamed yourself

For whatever you did

Perceived as never enough

Which wasn’t true for or about you

Thinking and believing

That’s how you can be better and kinder

That’s how you can be perfect

That’s how you were expected to be

And how much of that is a lie

That you bought from

Your authority figures

As real, true and yours

When it actually wasn’t?

Everything that is,

Would you be willing

To uncreate, delete, destroy it all

And return it all to them please?

Would you like to receive

What it feels like to do and be more

As your total being

Through every cell of your body

Without having to blame yourself

Without having to make you wrong

For whatever you do or don’t do?

What if when you lose

Something or someone,

It is your contribution

To their growth and evolution?

What if when you lose

Something or someone,

You contribute to YOU

You gain more of YOU

Your space for you

Your kindness for you

Your compassion for you

Your trust in you

Your trust in God

Your trust in life

That you never had before?

What if when you lose

Who and what you think you are,

You gain your total being and more?

What if loss is the blessing

Where you break all the chain

Of all cages and lies

That you were taught?

Who can do better than that

Other than YOU?

What if loss is the blessing

Where you remember your soul?

What if loss is the blessing to

Your infinite joy that

You are meant to live?

What if loss is the blessing

To your infinite possibilities

To your infinite knowing

To your infinite wisdom

To your infinite awareness

To your infinite kindness

To your infinite freedom

That you truly be?

What if loss is the liberation

Of your infinite power and potency

Of your infinite capabilities and capacities

God created you to be?

What if loss is the blessing

Where you no longer hide

Your light and greatness?

What if loss is the blessing

That you show to the world

That there is always hope

That there is always a way

Way bigger and greater

Than ever before?

What if loss is your power

Of turning dust into gold?

What if loss is the blessing

For the victory and glory

To reclaim all of YOU?

The powerful leader

The extraordinary mega-creator

The phenomenal superhuman

God’s blessing

You are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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