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You Are God's Blessing

How much of your life have been taught

Whenever you made a mistake,

Didn't do things as others wanted you to do

Didn't meet their expectations and standards,

Then you couldn't do anything right

You ain't good enough

You were a failure

The list goes on and on?

As a result of it, how much of your life

Have you felt helpless, powerless,

Impotent and inadequate

Whenever you worked so hard on

Whatever you desired, yet nothing

Came to fruition, failing at this or that

Thinking and believing

The same mental tape recording

You were trained to believe?

Is any of it true for you?

Does it all feel heavy as hell for you?

Is any of it empowering to you?

Is any of it loving to you?

Is any of it expansive to you?

Does any of it contribute to you

Your being and lightness in any way?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavy is always a lie

How much of feeling helpless, powerless,

Not good enough, I am a failure, I am helpless,

I am powerless, I can't, I can't and I can't

Is a bunch of lies and crap you bought

From all the authorities and loved ones

As real, true and yours

As though it was love and caring

When it actually wasn't?

A little, a lot, or all of it?

Everything that is, would you like

To uncreate, destroy and return it all

To all senders, reclaim your power,

Your truth and total being please?

If it was true caring and love,

They wouldn't have done half of

What they did to you

Only those who truly believe

They ain't good enough and are powerless

Would try to control you, and

Do abuse to you in any shape or form

Only those who are courageous and brave

Would dare to go through

What you went through

Still come out with your gigantic,

Loving and gentle heart

And keep going for your truth

No abuse can silence you up

No abuse can shut you down

No abuse can suppress you

No abuse can kill you

No abuse can take away your power

No abuse can take away your voice

Because you are that capable

Because you are that powerful

Because you are that magnificent

Because you are that loving

Because you are that caring

Beyond measure

Would you like to acknowledge and receive

This absolute truth and knowing

Of you and about you please?

So what if you have never been a failure

What if you have never been powerless

As you were taught to believe about you

At all?

What if everytime you thought you failed

is actually what your mind thought

You wanted this or that

When it actually wasn't

What your heart and soul truly desire?

What if everytime you thought you failed

Is actually your trying to live everybody else's

Life and reality for everybody else

Not your own, and not for you?

What if everytime you thought you failed

Is actually you trying to be everybody else

In order to fit in and belong,

And not YOU, your total being?

What if everytime you thought you failed

Is actually every gift that showed you

Your innate strength and what you are made of?

What if everytime you thought you failed

Is what nudged you to the right direction

To your own life and reality, nobody else's,

That you have never thought of before?

What if all the deepest pain and suffering

From each and every time

You thought you failed

Is the greatest fuel

Is the biggest fire

Is the burning flame

That drives and awakens you

To your deepest desire of all:


Your kingdom within?

What if only God can fulfill you

For your eternal joy, happiness and peace

Whether you succeed or don't succeed

Whether you accomplish or don't accomplish

Whatever or not?

Because you are God and God is YOU

You are it

Whole and complete

Magnificent and brilliant

Beyond words

What if this is your ultimate purpose?

What if this is your ultimate desire?

What if it has never been a failure,

But the greatest gift of all?

Because you are that gift

You are that blessing

You are that miracle

You are that magic

You are that brightest light

Brighter than a million suns

Only YOU can make it happen, nobody else

You are the brilliant leader of your own path

You are the greatest cheerleader

Of your own journey

You are the magnificent creator of your own life

You are an infinite reservoir of

Wisdom and knowing

Truth and awareness

Infinite possibilities and capabilities

There is noone like you

There is only YOU like you

Keep going

Keep diving deep,

God's warrior of spirit

You are on your way

To come Home

With and as

All of YOU and God

You are born to be

For all eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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