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You Are God's Legendary Warrior

How many times were you

Squashed down and

Made into nothing

With all kinds of name calling

With all kinds of heart-stabbing words

With all kinds of punishment

As though you were a failure

You weren’t good enough

So on and so forth

Just because you made mistakes?

How much of your life

Were you taught to believe that

You weren’t allowed to make mistakes

You weren’t safe to make mistakes

You were wrong to make mistakes, and

Mistake means punishment?

How much of your life

Were you taught to believe that

You gotta be perfect

Without making mistakes

In order to be accepted

In order to be approved

In order to be loved?

How many times were you taught,

Spoken and unspoken,

They punished you because

They cared for and loved you?

How much of your life

Have you spent getting confused

Not knowing what was what

Due to all those teachings?

You are an infinite being

With your God within

As your core foundation

You are light

You are expansive

You are spacious

Anything heavy is never YOU or yours

Anything confusing is never YOU or yours


So everywhere you bought

All of their teachings, beliefs and

Definitions of mistakes

All of their lies of punishment

For perfection

All of their lies of punishment

As the necessity of love and caring

As true and yours

When they weren’t

For their approval and acceptance,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate,

Destroy and return them all

To the senders please?

Would you like to know and receive that

You are allowed to make mistakes

You are safe to make mistakes

As many as you would like

Without having to get punished

Without the need to punish yourself

With your kindness to you

Because you are your own authority

To give you that permission

With God as your greatest supporter

Of all?

It is nothing about

Any mistakes you make

As we are all human

Nobody is perfect

Perfection isn’t real

We all make mistakes

At one point or another

That is part of being human

Or else none of us would need

To be here on this planet Earth

For our growth and evolution

It is about the response

To the so-called ‘mistakes’

That allows us to embody

The truth of who we are

And our true growth

Is the response kind, beneficial,

Uplifting, and guiding you

In an empowering way

For your infinite awareness

And knowing within

Back to and with YOU and God

Or is it disempowering and destructive

To tear you apart in the name of

A good intention and caring?

Does the latter feel heavy for you?

Because none of that intention is caring

None of that intention is kindness

That is manipulation

That is lie

In order to control you

To get you to do what they wanted

So everywhere you bought that lie of caring

From your authority figures or

Anybody else around you as yours,

Would you like to

Return it all to to them please?

What if mistakes are part of our life journey?

What if mistakes are inevitable?

Is it necessary to make the same mistakes

Over and over again to learn something?


Yet, it is never a waste of time

Because we all learn and grow differently

We all learn and grow at a different pace

That is right for each one of us

Time is irrelevant

We learn when we learn

We are ready when we are ready

So everywhere you beat yourself up

Blamed, guilted and shamed yourself

You could have done this

You should have done that,

Then none of whatever you didn’t want

Would have never happened,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate

And destroy it all?

What if mistakes are there

To empower you to

Never stop finding another way

For your infinite wisdom and knowing?

What if mistakes are there

To empower you to

Choose and receive

Your kindness to you

Your willingness to do things

All over again from scratch

A trillion times if needed

With your compassion for you

With your gentleness to you?

What if mistakes are there

To empower you to

Choose and receive your infinite joy

Your joy of enjoying the ride

Including both the ups and downs,

Your joy of experiencing the process

Your joy of exploring and learning

New things during the process

Your joy of exploring your

Infinite capabilities and creativity that

You never thought of before?

Mistakes are here to grow us

Not to destroy us

Because of all those mistakes,

They have led you to

Right where you are,

Growing bigger and greater,

Reclaiming your freedom

Receiving your knowing

Awakening your soul

Remembering your God

Embodying your warrior spririt

Of strength and courage

Of power and potency

Of gentleness and tenderness

Of wisdom and truth

Being your God’s magnificent soul

Being Home with YOU and God

Beyond your wildest imagination

That is your innate ability

That is your innate capability

That is your innate extraordinariness

That is your innate being

That is your magnificent light,

Regardless of mistakes,

That you are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book "Ignite Your Soul Alive", please visit:

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