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You Are God's Magnificent Warrior

How many times in your life

Did you decide or want to

Choose something for yourself

That would make you happy

Yet your loved ones told you

You shouldn’t, couldn’t or

Weren’t supposed to do so

That got you confused

Thinking and believing

You were selfish

You were wrong

You weren’t grateful

You owed them your life

You did something wrong

You were responsible for their pain

The list goes on and on?

Is it true?

Whatever feels lighter is true for you

Whatever feels heavier is a lie for you


How much of all that selfishness,

Ungratefulness, wrongness,

Shouldn’t, couldn’t

Is their lies and manipulation

To make you feel guilty

In order for them to control you

To get you to do

What they wanted you to do?

How much of it is all the

Guilt, blame and shame

They threw at you

That you perceived from them

Thought it was you, bought it was yours

That made you feel so heavy?

Everything you did,

Agreeing and aligning with their lies

Resisting and reacting to their lies

Buying them as yours,

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy and

Return them all to the senders please?

Your loved ones or anyone could tell you

How much they loved you

With all of their sweetest words

Under the sun

How much they cried for you

Worried about you,

Did this and that for you

To show you their love and caring for you

While guilting, shaming and blaming you

As though everything was your fault,

To the bottom of a hole that

You couldn’t even have to hide,

Did it feel heavy as hell for you?

Was that loving and caring?


That was straight abuse

That was outright manipulation

That was flat out control

They did all of it for their own sake

For their own satisfaction and gratification

To cover up their own guilt

None of it was caring for you

Yet you took it all on because

You wanted to take away their pain

That is how loving and caring you are

Have you noticed any of your loved ones

Has tried to do anything

To change themselves and their behaviour

To be responsible for their own

Thoughts, feelings and emotions

Their own problems and pain?


Because they have decided

They are always right

They don’t need to change anything

They don’t want to change anything

It is everybody else’s fault, not theirs

Is that loving and caring

To them and you?


The fact that you are right here

And have been on a long journey

Of healing you and your own pain

Reclaiming your life

Shining your light

Is more proof of

How loving and caring you are beyond words

How much you desire to grow

How much of your deep inner knowing that

There is always more for you

Far bigger and greater

Than everything you were taught

That is your unstoppable light and love

You have been following, trusting and being

So everywhere you bought their lies

Of love that actually weren’t

Believing it was the definition of love

When it actually was

Abuse, manipulation and control,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate,

Delete, destroy and return

All of that pile of crap

To the senders please?

Would you like to receive

What love truly is

What love truly feels like

Because you are God’s love,

And God’s love is YOU

From God as your Source within you

Through every cell of your body?

Would you like to receive that

You know what it feels like

To be loving and caring

As you truly be

Without having to take on

Any guilt, blame, shame and wrongness

From your loved ones and anybody else?

Would you like to receive that

You are safe and free

To choose whatever you like to do

From your heart and soul

Without taking on anyone else’s crap

That brings you

Lightness and expansion

Inspiration and empowerment

Joy and ease

Growth and evolution

For your own soul?

No more abuse

Enough is enough

Rise and fly your wings,

God’s magnificent warriors

That is reclaiming your truth

That is reclaiming your voice

That is reclaiming your freedom

That is reclaiming your space

That is reclaiming your total being

That is reclaiming your birthright

To be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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