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You Are God's Masterpiece

If you experienced so much abuse

In any or all forms

During your childhood

Got punished and nullified

With different forms of pain

Inflicted upon your body and being

Whenever you made a mistake,

Have you ever experienced

Anxiety, panic, depression

Horror, terror and fear

Totally freezing

Not knowing what to do

Waiting to get punished

Thinking and believing

You would get punished

Feeling angry and frustrated

Feeling helpless and powerless

Feeling like you had no legs

Feeling like you couldn’t stand

Not seeming to be able

To stop your body from shaking

Even though you wanted to

Be calm and collected

During your adulthood

When you were under

Extremely stressful situations

Where you didn’t feel safe?

It is totally normal and ok

To experience whatever you experienced

You did nothing wrong

You do nothing wrong

There is nothing wrong with you

And you can do nothing wrong

In the eyes of your own soul

In the eyes of your God within you

As an infinite being of God

With lightness and expansion

With infinite possibilities

With your total awareness

Of thoughts, feelings and emotions

Of everyone else around you

With no limitations

As your entire being,

Would you have anxiety?

Would you have terror or fear?

Would you feel helpless or powerless?

Or is it what you perceived,

Picked up, absorbed and took on

From all those who inflicted

Pain, trauma and drama upon you

As your own when it actually wasn’t?

Everywhere you bought it

And carried it with you as though

It was you and yours,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

And return it all to the senders please?

Would you like to acknowledge that

Whatever the others did to abuse you

Was that much gift you gifted them

You are way stronger

Way greater

Way more powerful

Than any and all of those abusers combined?

Would you and all of your younger selves

Like to know and receive that

Your job is done and complete with them

You are safe and free

Right here and right now with YOU

You are safe and free

From the past

From all those who abused you

From all those abusive situations

With your deep breaths

Into all those uncomfortable sensations

Into every cell of your body

Regardless of any storms happening

Regardless of any challenges happening

Regardless of whatever is going on

Outside of you?

Because God was with and in you then

Even when you didn’t feel it

Because God is with and in you now

And always will be

It is easy to feel safe and happy

When things go easy

According to the way we want

How about when things get tough?

Would you like to acknowledge and receive

You are far more capable of doing and being

The Source of kindness to you

The Source of lovingness to you

The Source of caring for you

The Source of safety for yoy

With that very choice you make

With everything you got

With every fibre of your being

With God flowing through you

Even when things get tough

Even when things don’t go your way?

That is your support for you right there

That is you believing in you right there

That is your trust in you and God right there

That is your masterpiece

That is your miracle

That you create for YOU

What if it is the most rewarding

Moment and experience of all

To take back all parts and pieces of you

To reclaim and own all of YOU?

What if that is your moment

To challenge and change

All the lies that contract you

That you were taught?

What if that is your moment

To choose your infinite possibilities?

What if when you think

You mess up is actually when

You create and own

Your brilliant masterpieces?

What if when you think

You lose something or someone

Is when you gain YOU?

What if when you think

You miss this or that opportunity

Is when you open your space

For your possibilities and opportunities

Way greater than ever before

Coming your way?

What if when you think

You are not shining your light

In a certain way

Is actually when you are shining your light

In your own unique way?

What if when you think

What you contribute to someone else

As small or nothing

Is exactly what they need

And it means the world to them?

What if that is your moment

To receive your kindness to you

To receive your total allowance of you

To acknowledge, see and receive YOU

Regardless of the outcome?

What if that is your moment

To choose to let go of control

To allow and trust the journey

To receive your brilliant knowing and wisdom

With your questions

For your infinite awareness?

What if that is your moment

To choose to see beyond the veil

To have and be

So much appreciation and gratitude

For you and God

For everything that you have created

For everything God has been gifting you

For what your soul and God

Have in store for you ahead?

What if that is your moment

To make different choices

To choose different people

To create different realities

That you hadn’t thought of before

That bring you your joy and lightness,

Your space and expansion for you?

What if that is your moment

To know what it feels like

Through every cell of your body

To be worthy and deserving

To ask for what you would like

Regardless of fear or doubt?

What if that is your moment

To know and receive

What you are made of

What you are capable of

Way more than what you thought

You were or could?

What if each moment is your masterpiece?

What if each day is your masterpiece?

What if each choice is your masterpiece

In the midst of any challenges?

Who can do that job better than YOU?

Would you like to acknowledge that

You have been doing and being

So much and more for you

Way beyond what you are

Willing to acknowledge?

That is why you are here,

God’s superhumans

Beyond words

Everywhere you go

Everything you touch

Everyone you reach

Every moment you breathe

Every choice you make

With your heart and soul

With your very being

With your very presence

With your kindness to you

With your kindness to others

Is the masterpiece of God

As YOU are God’s miraculous masterpiece

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book "Ignite Your Soul Alive":

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