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You Are Going No Matter What

Have you gone through

So much pain most of your life

Cutting all parts and pieces of you

In order to exist when you actually

Didn’t exist at all

That the only desire you have

For you is to be free

Your total freedom of your voice

Your total freedom of your truth

Your total freedom of your life

Your total freedom to be YOU

Without having to be anybody else

Without having to dim your light

Without having to carry anyone else

On your shoulders

Without having to make you less than

Without having to pretend

You are not the greatness

You already have been

That you won’t allow

Anything and anyone

Including you to stop you from

Your awareness and truth

Your lightness and expansion

Your knowing and wisdom?

What if you are willing to be aware

Of any pattern that drags you down

And destroy it in a heartbeat

Knowing that by choosing it,

You set you and others free

You gain more of YOU

Acknowledging and receiving

Your God’s total truth

With infinite possibilites

That open up your horizon

To your greatness you truly be?

What if you are willing

To let go of any people or relationships

That don’t empower your greatness?

It’s not about how much money

You have or don’t have

It’s not about how many people

You help or don’t help

It’s not about how many people

You have or don’t have

It’s not about what you do or don’t do

It’s not about what you accomplish

Or don’t accomplish

It’s not about how much

You are known or not known,

It’s not about what certificates

You get or don’t get

To prove anything about you

To earn for your place in this world

What if you got nothing to prove

Shining your light unapologetically

Whether others like it or not

Whether others come with your or not?

What if your life experiences and learnings

Are your own certificates from God?

At the end of the day,

It is about YOU and your soul

It is about YOU and your God

It is about your undeniable light

That cracks open all darkness and lies

That aren’t true about you

That destroys any need

Of anyone else’s love,

Acceptance or approval,

With you and God,

What do you got to lose?


Your soul and God got you

You are never alone

You are going in the right direction

To reclaim the greatness

You are born to be

You are your key in your hands

To your own freedom

With your kindness and caring for you

With your choice to remember

And be Home with

Your soul and God

Over and over again

With the choice you make

To move forward

One step at a time

That is your light of God

That is your torch

That is your mark

That is your footprint

That is your voice roaring

That is your eloquent declaration

Of your infinite space

Of your being

Of your total existence

In, with and through the Universe,

You are saying

No matter what

You are going towards

Your brightest greatest mega-star

Burning eternally in the sky

With your name on it

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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