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You Are In Charge

I would like to share with you

Some of my personal story

That speaks deeply to my heart

As it relates to this title’s inspiration

I walked out of

A toxic workplace of 12 years

With repeated emotional abuse

Where I felt disliked by most people

Where I got bullied, blamed and guilted

For almost anything that went wrong

Where it reminded me

Of some deep-rooted beliefs

I had from childhood abuse like

‘I was unloveable

Nobody liked me

I did everything wrong

I was the trouble-maker

I was an outcast’

At that workplace

Just the way I did

From childhood,

I tried to disappear

I tried to be invisible

I tried to be hidden

I isolated myself

I silenced my voice

Each and every day

I lived in the dark

Like a zombie

I tried, I tried and I tried

To fit in and belong

To hope that

They’d like me some day

The more I tried,

The more I stabbed the pain

Into my own heart

I failed miserably

I betrayed my own heart and soul

I lived in such cruel worlds

With little and no compassion

With little and no kindness

Only with bully and abuse

From childhood to adulthood

That was all I knew

I finally saw it

What I was doing

I was done

Trying to fit in

I was done making me wrong

For everything that went wrong

For the very first time,

I listened to my own soul

I was choosing me

I walked away

With gratitude for all the pain

For all those people

For teaching me to finally

Choose and trust me

I was willing to stand alone

And save my own soul

I have never felt so much stronger

So much happier

So much more at peace

So much more freedom

So much more trusting in me and God

So much more love and appreciation for me

So much more healing

Than ever before

So what is my message

That I would like to share with you?

If you have got so hurt

Where you might find it hard

To trust humans

And forgotten the truth of who you are

How loveable you are

How loving and caring you are

How kind you are

How compassionate you are

How gigantic you are

How magnificent you are

How powerful as a healer you are

How much you have to

To offer to the world

That you be

Try being around animals

They are natural healers

They instinctively know

Who to be safe with

They instinctively know

Who has a pure heart

Their pure heart

Their pure innocence

Their pure love

Is what heals

Because they remind you

To remember the truth of who you are

You don’t need to fit in

To where you don’t belong

Buying into others’ judgments of you

For their love and approval

They are wrong people for you

Their opinions about you don’t matter

Never allow them to run your life

They don’t define who you are

Your opinions of you matter

YOU define who you are

YOU are in charge

All you need is your love and approval

God’s love and approval of you

Your pure heart

That is where you belong

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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